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Condà © Nast: Soon to Offer Omniture Analytics

Written by Nxtbook Media

The digital publishing newswires lit with exclamations over Condé Nast’s recent declaration of intent to provide their clients with metrics about how their digital editions are stacking up. Every article I read on the matter (such as this one) talked about how they’d use Omniture analytics to reveal distribution methods, levels of exposure and audience engagement with digital magazines.

Good news Nxtbook clients: we’ve been providing these details for years.  Being able to make good business decisions depends on having solid metricson which to stand. Condé Nast has accurately pointed out that this applies not only to measuring audience enthusiasm for your content, but also to show advertisers the kind of readers they can sell to.

(If you’re looking for further clarification of the value of advertising in digital editions, be sure to download the Case for Interactive Magazines which goes into this in-depth.)

For instance, as was mentioned in their press release, Condé Nast discovered readers’ consumption of their content was “very different from the consumer’s fragmented and short-duration on websites.” This is valuable information for an advertiser who is debating between buying a website banner and a quarter-page ad in a digital edition.

While Condé Nast is slated to reveal their metrics in the fall, here is some of the metrics Nxtbook Media clients enjoy now:

  • page views per book
  • most popular pages, and most popular books
  • video views (and how they compare historically)
  • views per device
  • referrers and traffic sources
  • entry and exit pages
  • ad impressions and clicks per sponsorship location
  • time spent per book
  • number of times a link was clicked per book

And best of all, you choose how often you are updated regarding these metrics. Don’t wait: discover your audience today.