Healthcare Content Marketing

One notable challenge of healthcare content marketing lies in promoting products and services while keeping the campaigns fresh and...

How to Increase the Value of Your Association’s Publications

With the right strategy, your association’s publications are a valuable asset. An impressive 70% of people who have joined...

Finding an Effective Alternative to Foleon

Foleon 101 Foleon bills itself as a content creation platform and markets itself towards a variety of industries from...

Websites vs. Web Publications — When and How to Use Both

In 2020, every business should have a website. Websites act as a powerhouse to share information with customers and...

Refinery29 Builds Sustainability Through An Authentic Brand Story

Media brands are natural storytellers. Yet, many leave their personality at the door. While they’re great at sharing stories,...

Driving Event Attendance Through Well Designed Curation

In August of this year, the Nxtbook Media design team volunteered its resources to develop two flyers and an...

When Some of the Internet Breaks – A Note From Our CEO

One of the things that you learn pretty quickly in the software business is that software is built to...


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