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We’re Taking Our Next Steps!

We’re Taking Our Next Steps!

As you have probably noticed we’ve been making efforts to advance our product offerings, communications, and level of service over this past year and a half.  While we have been able to do so in our current space to a certain degree, we feel that in order to...
Introducing the Lunch-N-Learn Culture Series

Introducing the Lunch-N-Learn Culture Series

We love culture at Nxtbook.  It shapes who we are, how we work, and the environment we experience everyday. We believe culture plays a vital role in every organization and that’s why we created the Lunch-N-Learn Culture Series. Join us throughout 2016 as we...

Nxtbook Media Has Moved

Believe it or not, it has finally happened: Nxtbook Media has moved. It’s true! The digital magazines projects were still delivered to clients, the hosted sites and publications remained live, the phones were being answered and conferences were still held, but...

Announcing the Inaugural Nxtbook-It and Crawl!

This summer, Nxtbook Media is hosting a 1 mile race in the Lancaster County Park to benefit our sponsored charities: JDRF, Pet Pantry of Lancaster, and OneRun Together. After the race is an optional pub crawl in Lancaster city, including specials and giveaways. Anyone...

Next Week, We Bring You Something Completely New

If you’re subscribed to our blog, you’ve gotten used to our regularly scheduled email newsletter, compiling all of the last week’s article into one neat package of an email. This week’s email is the last. For a while. We’ll still be...


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