Marketing Best Practices

Why should marketers care about their digital content and how it is distributed?

Marketers should care about their digital content and how it is distributed because it can have a significant impact...

14 Stats That Show It’s Past Time for Brands to Ditch the PDF

We hear it all the time, “We care about customer experience but…” What follows is usually a justification for...

Accessibility Options for nxtbook Have Arrived

Content that is accessible can help people with or without disabilities engage more actively with your message and brand....

Limitations of Free Brochure Makers

Creating a brochure for your business can strengthen your brand and attract new customers. With the right design elements,...

Why Does Nobody Read My Brochure?

There’s a wealth of content competing for our attention these days. One of the most effective but often misunderstood...

The Power of Storytelling Within Content Marketing

Have you ever been listening to a lecture, a TED Talk or a presentation and noticed that the speaker...

How Has Travel Marketing Changed in 2022?

When you brainstorm your travel marketing ideas for 2022, it’s essential to understand the current environment. Economists predict an...

Storytelling in Digital Magazines

For much of the internet’s life, digital magazines represented scanned versions of physically printed ones. They were challenging to...


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