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Are You Part of the Mobile App Economy?

Are You Part of the Mobile App Economy?

Originally posted by Steph Tiley of Nxtbook Media on LinkedIn. See original article here. Considering all that has changed in less than 20 years, I wonder how I ever managed to make arrangements to meet friends, collect the kids, keep in touch with family or seal a...

10 Questions Asked a Digital Publisher

When going on a journey, you probably like to know where you’re going. You might print out directions or make sure you bring the GPS, but the best value comes in asking someone who’s been there before about their experience. You might ask, “When do...

Does Anyone Read PDFs?

As publishers, brand managers, marketers and content managers, we consider content integral to what we do. Whether it’s to inform the masses, to entertain, to increase brand awareness or just to bump SEO, the goal remains the same: to be read. How we get our...


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