Digital Publishing Strategy

How to Use SEO in Digital Publishing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the future of digital publishing, and sometimes it feels like entering the upside-down digital...

Digital Publishing Platform Comparisons

The world of digital publishing has many content creation and hosting solutions, each with a unique set of advantages....

Creating a Magazine Style Guide

For any magazine or publication wanting to establish a consistent and memorable brand identity, a magazine style guide is...

Going Digital Isn’t Just About Publications Anymore

Digital content is changing how people interact with universities. It can be used across any department to drive engagement...

Finding an Effective Alternative to BlueToad

BlueToad 101 Founded in 2007, BlueToad has been in the digital publishing and digital edition space for nearly fifteen...

How to Increase the Value of Your Association’s Publications

With the right strategy, your association’s publications are a valuable asset. An impressive 70% of people who have joined...

Finding an Effective Alternative to Issuu

Issuu 101 Founded as a Danish company in 2006, Issuu is a ubiquitous player in the world of digital...

Six Ways Digital Publishing Can Help Drive B2B Sales in 2021

Traditionally, digital publishing has been thought of as a tool for print publishers to replicate their print issues online...


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