Design Best Practices

Digital Publishing Tools and Resources: Photos, Video, Analytics and More

If you want to excel in digital publishing, you need the right toolkit. Here, we’ve listed some useful digital...

Guide to Responsive Design

Responsive web design is the development and design of digital content that respond to the needs of consumers and...

Digital Accessibility and Content Creation

Digital accessibility ensures that all users — including those who have a range of movement, hearing, cognitive or sight...

Tips to Design the Next Sensational Digital Edition

There tends to be a visceral reaction to the word “sensational,” and often it’s not a positive one. The...

Me Design Pretty Never

Personally, as a designer, the very last thing I want to do is to make something look pretty. I...

The Fascination with Logo Design

If you were asked to define Nike’s brand, you might point to or describe their trademarked swoosh. Similarly, if...

Learning from Netflix’s New Logo Design

There is nothing as closely tied to your brand as your logo. You’ve worked hard with ad campaigns, PR...


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