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Bring It! to Folio:’s MediaNext

Written by Joy Beachy

Bring It to Folio MediaNext

At Folio:’s MediaNext you’ll have the opportunity to hear keynote speakers addressing key issues. You’ll be able to watch demonstrations of products you never knew you needed. You’ll even get the chance to discuss timely industry issues with your peers in breakout sessions.

But chances are, if you’re coming, listening, and discussing publishing issues at this highly attended, highly rated show, it’s because you have a problem. There’s something you, your team, or your digital strategy is missing, and you are looking for the chance to address it.

Bring it.

This year, Nxtbook Media isn’t showing off our newest technology. We’re not pushing a speaker, program, or product. Enough of that will be covered in your 3-day experience at MediaNext. Instead, we want you to have your chance to tell us whatever it is that’s been bothering you.

Been stressed over your circulation numbers? Bring it.

Unsure if DRM is helping or hurting your cause? Bring it.

Hearing a lot of questions raised in one of the breakout sessions but no one seems to have an answer? Bring it.

Haven’t determined if optimized mobile web editions or native apps are the way to go? Bring it.

Desperate to understand what’s important in advertising in digital editions? Bring it.

At Nxtbook Media, we’ve always been proud of having the most flexible digital edition platform, and that has stemmed directly from publishers – our clients – coming to us with their questions and uncertainties. Our development team built flexibility into the platform, and they’ve created an outstanding ability to pivot to meet new needs as technology changes and clients’ needs flex with their readers’ expectations.

But the true value to what we offer is not just the development department, but the entire Nxtbook Media team. And now is your chance to pick their brains. At booth #403 we’ll have some of our best people ready to talk anything from technology to strategy, advertising to content marketing, workflow to company objectives. Bring us your top challenges, and we’ll bring our 11  years of experience, our creativity, and our technology.

Bring it to booth #403.