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BPA Has 500 Customers With Digital Circulation

Written by Nxtbook Media

Though there has been ample discussion about how the BPA is trying to remain relevant in an increasingly not circulation driven society, it’s worth noting that 500 titles are now having their digital circulation tracked by them.

That statement makes me feel old, as I remember when the list was 50 (or less). But at any rate, it’s definitely a sign that our little industry is maturing.

In the same report, 26% of all titles claimed at least some digital circulation. I tend to think that number is low, though I do know some publishers who choose not to include their digital circ for various reasons.

Among the titles that did report digital circ, 18.9% of all circ was digital, which is neat to see. We’ve said for years that 15% is an important number. Once you’ve crossed that chasm, most publishers can figure out how to monetize the digital edition. It seems like the publishers on the BPA list are well on their way.