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@BoSacks Gets Interviewed

Written by Nxtbook Media

Bob Sacks, ever the informed enthusiast for the reality and promise of digital publishing, was interviewed about his perspective of where the industry is and who is making money on it. Bob Sacks has made a deep mark in the publishing industry with his resource, Precision Media Group, making him the perfect candidate for interviews such as these:


Please note this interview was conducted and published by a site targeting the print market. It’s understandable that conversations about making money with digital editions would be slightly confusing, and in truth, the waters can be a bit murky if you don’t have anyone guiding you through it. If you’re a publisher looking for examples on how people are successfully making money with their digital editions, I invite you to check out some of the samples we’ve posted along the way:

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Blog: The Value of Advertising in Digital Editions
Sample: DDi – Selling sponsorships only available in digital editions
Case Study: The American Prospect – Increasing paid subscriptions by offering free content (info required)

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