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The Best Place to Work In Pennsylvania

Written by Joy Beachy

Thursday night was the Best Places to Work in PA event at the Lancaster Convention Center. We were once again honored to find ourselves to be at number one. When you think about the many honors we receive as a company, for me this is always the pinnacle of it all, simply because of the fact that 75% of this award comes directly from the employee survey.
Last night we had all of the employees that could make the event there and they were all active celebrants as we participated in the march from the highest number to the coveted number one spot. It is amazing how even though I’ve been to a dozen Best Places events they are always very nerve wracking and extremely exciting. As each number is called and you get closer to the top the pressure, excitement and tension multiply each time by a factor of two. This makes getting to the top five extremely tense. I think looking through the clarity of a new day, the tension ultimately comes from wanting to do well simply because we darn well deserve it.
We have made a great deal of changes in the company this year. This has been going on for a few years, setting the stage for those changes and delivering on those changes this year. They aren’t always easy to make but fundamentally we have been able to get on the other side of them and to be bestowed with the number one honor in spite of those changes makes this win even more special. As you know, many people struggle with change and I’ll be writing more about our own experiences with change and our dynamic culture in the months to come.
I’ve learned over the last seven years that you really have to enjoy each time you are given the number one designation because it is very difficult to hold on to. In fact, it is so difficult some companies have used it as a stopping point and never again enter after taking the top spot, realizing there’s only one direction to go from number one. Our own company journey looks like this:
#1 – 2008, #3 – 2009, #3 -2010, #1 – 2011, #1 – 2012, #2 – 2013, #1 – 2014.
The great achievement for me is when you look at all of those numbers and see the consistency throughout the seven years. Even though it stung to drop to number three in 2009, looking at the full picture now reveals an impressive and impressively consistent run. This consistency is really the foundation of our company and all of the people that are an integral part of Nxtbook Media. This steadfastness shows with our dealings with our clients, our community and each other. It really is a very effective stabilizer in the fast paced world of a digital company.
Number one doesn’t always ensure we get it right but what it does ensure is that we will be smart enough to realize we need to improve and give us the tools to navigate that improvement.
I’m as proud of Nxtbook Media and what we have built over the past eleven plus years as I can possibly be. Those of you that have come and gone over the years, we thank you for the effort you put into the company and the help you have given to create the foundation we currently enjoy. For those of you that are here now, I salute you and pay homage to your energy and enthusiasm that you bring into Nxtbook every day. What you do on a day to day basis is really second to none. I am honored to be a part of such a great group of people and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.
I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next year together.