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Behind-the-Scenes of Dramatic Undertones

Written by Terri Shadle

Welcome back to The Nxt!

Have you ever had the experience of trying to describe the noise your car is making to your mechanic and feeling like a complete moron in the process? I dread it:

Me: “My car is making a weird noise.”
Mechanic: “What kind of noise, m’am?

And now we’re off to the races because I have to try and explain “weird noise”. Was my car making more of “clunking” noise or a “clanking” noise? “Scraping” or “grinding”? “Tapping” or “pinging”?

I usually start to panic halfway through my description in the face of my mechanic’s blank stare and start gesturing wildly to try to make myself understood, but end up confusing them even more. I leave mortified and thankful that the worst was over, or so I thought.

One dark and stormy morning in the video studio, my colleague Adam and I were working on a video together for a Nxtbook client. We added some animated flourish to their logo and started rooting through our audio library trying to find the right sound effect to compliment and accentuate our animation:

Maybe we can use the bell….
No, something more resonate like a chime–
No, wait try that one–
The tinkle?
The jingle?

Describing the process of finding the right sound effect often sounds like really bad Dr. Seuss. But a video concept was born! At Nxtbook we like to demonstrate and illuminate the creative process as much as possible for our clients: from logos to websites to videos and more. So showcasing the effort (and laughter) that goes into picking the right sound effect seemed like a perfect extension.

Dramatic undertones, featuring Adam Miller, Joy Beachy, and me in my stunning screen debut, was actually the first video we shot for The Nxt series. We shot the video last year as our pilot episode and used the experience to help flesh out the direction and tone we wanted to use for The Nxt video series.

So turn up the volume and enjoy!

Stay tuned for next month’s episode and check out the past episodes below!

Though the situations and characterizations of employees portrayed in The Nxt are exaggerated, they are based on the real working dynamics and quirks of the Nxtbook Team.