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Behind-the-Scenes of Meeting with Callie and Brittany

Written by Terri Shadle

Welcome back to The Nxt!

When Nxtbook first moved it’s headquarters to the Urban Place complex back in 2007, we were the happy new residents of Building Nine, which is 8574 square feet. We had exactly three conference rooms, all in a row, that I referred to as “The Big one”, “That one” and “The Other One”. You could find your meeting by walking down the hallway and casually glancing into each one and finding the right conference room in a matter of seconds.

When we moved to Building Seven in the Urban Place complex in 2014, the forces that be decided that three conference rooms wasn’t enough and that we now had space and need for seven! Each room was named according to a Nxtbook value:

  • Service
  • Collaboration
  • Influence
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Passion

It quickly became apparent that our sophisticated “That one” and “The other one” nicknames weren’t going to work. They were no longer situated in a straight line either, so glancing into each one to find your meeting was no longer time efficient and just plain awkward.

The video was originally conceived to be a take on The West Wing. Two employees would be having an animated conversation while navigating the various corridors of Nxtbook to different conference rooms in one long tracking shot.

The video concept evolved from there to placing more emphasis on our company values and showcasing each conference room, chock full of Nxtbook employees, in a series of stand alone shots.

Check out the latest episode (and past episodes) of The Nxt Series below:

Though the situations and characterizations of employees portrayed in The Nxt are exaggerated, they are based on the real working dynamics and quirks of the Nxtbook Team.