Are Native Apps Peaking? Or Have They Peaked? • Nxtbook Media

Are Native Apps Peaking? Or Have They Peaked?

Written by Nxtbook Media

Even though Nxtbook is a provider of branded native apps, we’ve also been one of many to speculate that the native app position will give way to web apps as the performance of the latter improves. 

For the first time, we may have data that shows the use of native apps appears to have leveled off and perhaps may have declined a bit. The reasons for this are many and some of them are captured well here.

What this means for you:

1) Don’t let this data dissuade you from pursuing a native app. In the end, aggregate data is good conversation fodder, but what really matters is what your audience wants. If you’ve got an audience with a lot of smartphones and you have a particularly robust digital edition, a native app is still the way to go today.

2) Look to providers (like Nxtbook) that are hedging their bets and improving their web app and native app experience. The future will likely be the web app, but the present for digital magazines is the native app. Fortunately or not, you’ll need to be prepared for both.