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Annual Trike Race: Proof Print’s Still Kicking

Written by Nxtbook Media

Nxtbook Media’s Trike Team raced hard in today’s annual charity trike race for the United Way. Lancaster County businesses showed up in spades to participate in the event and to cheer team members on. Race after race, winning businesses were whittled down to two finalists: Nxtbook Media and Lancaster Newspapers.

The fact that this was a newspaper business versus a digital publishing company was not lost on us. Couple that with Nxtbook’s longstanding history of winning this event, and we were thirsty for the win.  The match was close, with riders pushing neck and neck most of the race. In the end, Lancaster Newspapers pulled ahead to victory. It was a tough race, and both teams performed well.

Luckily, several Nxtbook Media members had cameras and smartphones to document the final moments. Check out the last race in this video:

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