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Animations Are For More Than Aesthetics

Written by Nxtbook Media

We always advocate for adding a little something extra to your digital version to increase readers’ attention to the page. But what if your audience is looking for more information, and not necessarily to be entertained? Animations are still the way to go. Off the cuff, I can offer several reasons for using animations in your digital edition:

1. To break down information into digestible pieces. One of our clients, for instance, offers financial services for their readers, including explaining investments, savings, and 401k formulas. As that’s a lot to process, they had us create a calculator animation which takes numbers input by the reader and determines investment conversions. (Note: numbers in picture chosen at random)

 Animated Calculator

2. To provide extra value to the digital edition. You can easily use custom pop-ups to tuck more information into your digital edition without adding to the page count, and in fact, many of our clients are already doing this. The pop-ups can house videos, web sites, pictures, or just about anything you need.

3. To deliver instant feedback to the publisher and reader. Businesses using digital editions for continuing education or training can add a test to gauge how well readers learned the material. One client uses this animation, which instantly grades and submits the test scores to the client and reader. Another client uses a poll animation which allows readers to vote for their favorite restaurant and provides instant poll results upon submission.

Animated Test 

Have your own idea to use animation for more than aesthetics? The benefits of having an in-house Creative Services Team and Development Team is that we are not only ready to hear your ideas, but we’re ready to help make them a reality. Digital editions can be more than just a page-turning experience.