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McCoy Tells it Straight: Nxtbooks Are Superior

Written by Marcus Grimm

Adobe’s dean-of-all-things-cool Bill McCoy has a wonderful post about some of the things going on at Adobe. Along the way, however, he also makes some quotes about why Flash is the logical future for e-reading (the least you need to know: Nxtbooks are built using Flash technology, unlike many of our competitors):

I don’t believe HTML, even with AJAX and SVG, is going to cut it for representing this interactivity and richness in digital books. AJAX apps are tough enough to make work on the browsers du jour, much less to be expected to be usable on browsers of the future. PDF’s great but is really optimized for representing electronic paper, not interactive applications or free-form rich media. Microsoft’s .wpf has a great "spec sheet" of capabilties but a Windows-lock-as the industry-wide cross-platform solution is repugnant. Java is way too heavy and not content-centric enough. Thus, Flash .swf seems like an obvious choice to deliver the "surround sound" richness for the books of the future.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 🙂