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3 Reasons Why Your Readers Leave You

Written by Nxtbook Media

I’m going to start off with some bad news: there is no specific way to make your readers view every page of your magazine, print (if you have one) or digital. But if you take a look at what you’re doing with your digital magazine, there are some clear catalysts causing readers to jump ship which are easy to avoid. So here are three reasons why your readers leave your content, and what you can do about it.

1. You link out to a video channel or page.
Adding video content is always a good idea. However, linking from your magazine page to an external video site such as YouTube will cost you further page views. YouTube is designed to ensare viewers into watching more and more videos, spiraling them ever farther from your content. Avoid losing your readers to the YouTube Rabbit Hole: embed videos directly onto the page or have the video pop up on the page when a reader clicks on a video icon. You can still stream from YouTube without pushing your reader to YouTube’s site.

2. You link to another website.
Live URLs in your digital edition are not only a great feature, but your readers expect it. One moment they will be reading an article about skateboarding, and the next they’re clicking on an advertiser’s site to buy one. All good things! And if you’re doing a good job at matching advertisers to article content, that is exactly what you want to have happen. But the key is to get that reader back into the article when he or she is done looking at the website. Recapture distracted readers by making live links appear in web windows. This opens the web content in the middle of your magazine so your reader can browse the internet freely. Once finished, your reader closes the web window and is immediately returned to your content.

3. Your content is too hard to read. Literally.
With all the information available on the Web, if readers have to squint to read your material, they’ll simply go to another source for the content. You’ve worked hard to get your words in front of your readers; don’t give them a reason to leave your page. By adopting a few easy optimization techniques, you can make your content easier to view without losing your brand’s look and feel. While font, text size, and images are quick fixes, you should consider optimizing your layout to increase reader engagement. For that, simply contact your Project Manager and ask for our design services.

Now for some good news: by taking care of the easy ways to avoid losing readers, you are well-positioned to enter conversations about gaining fans. Look to your Success Manager for building engagement, or post your ideas here or on our facebook page.