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3 Magazine Website Mistakes That Readers Hate

Written by Joy Beachy

Even with the growth of social media and mobile marketing, magazine websites are still one of the strongest drivers of digital edition traffic. Here are three ways some publisher’s are losing potential readers:

1. Burying the Link

If the link to your digital edition appears below the fold on your home page, you are losing valuable traffic. Readers should be able to see the link when they first arrive at your site. To get even more attention, use the most up-to-date image of your digital edition on your website. You can save time by using tools that automatically update to the most recent issue. Click here to see all cover image options that Nxtbook Media can provide.


2. Requiring a Leap of Faith

Readers like to know what to expect, and different content appeals to different readers. In addition to the magazine cover, show a list of key articles or add some teaser copy to the home page. You can link directly to those stories, allowing readers to access the content they care about most. 


3. Making Readers Work

Far too often, publishers lose a majority of their audience before they even get to the magazine. Readers get lost in a maze of redirects, login screens, and landing pages; and eventually give up. You can avoid this, by taking readers directly where you promised. Remove as many barriers as possible, and if possible, provide one-click access to the digital edition.